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Waiting for it to get better

It’s been a while.  When we last met, I guess I was somewhat cryptic about a new journey I was approaching. I was scared. I knew it would be hard. But I knew the way I was living was hard, too.

When I clean my house, like big time, hard core, deep cleaning… I have [...]

New Beginning

I was ten years old and I specifically remember my mom sitting me down on my bed to have “a talk”. She wasn’t much of a talker. She did  the minimum of what needed to be done and was just kind of withdrawn most of the time, unless I was in trouble.  My heart raced [...]

Not taking a shit, just to be clear

I feel I’d be remiss to not mention the obvious change in appearance here. I’m attempting a blog redesign. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice, as much as it was that it broke and I am fucking clueless how to fix it (which explains why you may have seen raspberries and generic greenery for a [...]

Where I don’t go often

Politics and religion. Am I the only one that just threw up in my mouth?

I like to think I was raised right. Don’t ever ask a woman her age or weight, never ask when she is “due” unless you see a head hanging out of her vagina, and steer clear of talking about politics and [...]