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I was unexpectedly pulled back into babies, nursing and diapers in November 2010, when my kids were almost 16, 12, 10 and 5.   That’s FIVE, if you’re playing along at home.


Yes,  I know how it happens and no,  I wasn’t like one of those crazies that had a baby in a toilet or anything.  I had just let my guard down after doctors started using words like menopause.

I dealt with terrible depression during my pregnancy and  coming to terms with having 2 kids in college by time this one gets into Kindergarten.

This is the place where I voice my struggles, joys, and just day to day bullshit.  I used to be funny, maybe that will come back in time, like my waistline and my sanity, maybe not.  I will curse.  I may not always have the popular opinion, but I will always be honest.

I used to have friends, now I have a blog.


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