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Not taking a shit, just to be clear

I feel I’d be remiss to not mention the obvious change in appearance here. I’m attempting a blog redesign. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice, as much as it was that it broke and I am fucking clueless how to fix it (which explains why you may have seen raspberries and generic greenery for a while.)  And being as though I’m a believer in everything happens for a reason kind of bullshit, I thought, “heh, now’s as good a time as any to spruce up the place.”

(I’ll just say now, that may have been a grave error.)

So I contacted a friend (poor girl) who understands confusing blog coding (that might as well be in Japanese for me) and have been driving people crazy (seriously, I’m annoying the fuck out of myself, at this point) trying to come up with the “perfect place”.

What you see is what I thought I wanted. It’s nice, right? It totally matches the decor in my house, and since I’m so good at this computer shit, I figured, THAT’S what I need.

But then, the more I thought about it and looked at it, I realized I wanted to be more recognizable, like you see it and immediately think, oh yeah, that crazy bitch, Tena, she has issues, but she’s honest and I get her and I like her and a little less  that’s a lovely sofa.

For over a week , I’ve been looking at websites and images until my eyes cross and driving myself and others to tears over my apparent indecision that I did not know existed! Another flaw I did not need to know I had.

The only thing I DO know, is that it will still be Tena’s Therapy. That’s what this is. Cliche, unoriginal, yawn, whatever, I don’t give a shit. Sometimes I cryptically vent things that drive me to tears and cause me to sweat in places I shouldn’t and sometimes I share too much information about my weak pelvic wall and my inability to sneeze, cough, or laugh respectfully without putting my hands to my crotch, but this started as a therapeutic release for me and continues to be   and so it will remain that.

That being said, in order to be “brandable” and grown- upish, I need a tagline. I wanted a short saying, possibly about my instability, preferably witty, and I wanted to include a little profanity (I thought it was a good idea to weed out the pussies that can’t handle my sailor talk from the get go.) I didn’t want to mention that I was a mom because part of my “therapy” is moving myself away from being defined as “just a mom”. Also, mom blogs make me pukey.

Friends brainstormed with me and came up with no less than 843 pretty great ideas (top contenders included...because my husband’s kind of a dick  and Nipples- I’m pretty sure Audrey was a few sheets to the wind with that suggestion, but, you gotta admit, it’s memorable ) , but they just weren’t giving me that light bulb moment that I was searching for. In my rushed  pick to decide on something that went with my upholstered header, I went with Just a mom trying to stay sane and shit .

I thought it was fine at first, though admittedly broke one of my rules with the mom crap, hard habits die hard, but then, when I saw it in black and white, the context changed. And not in the way that I intended. I suddenly envisioned a mom sitting on a toilet. Trying to take a shit. Not trying to stay sane and STUFF, like I meant. And then I was grossed out and embarrassed and didn’t come back for a week.

So I decided to bite the bullet and explain myself and ensure that y’all aren’t picturing me taking a dump from the tagline.   Because this redesign might take a while.




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4 comments to Not taking a shit, just to be clear

  • Aunt Cranky

    This is perfect - it so defines you. A tad uptight (the upholstered back ground)and yet so willing to let it hang out and tell it like it is.

  • nicki

    I did notice your change in theme and pouted over the loss of Tena The Nurse. I still think that is such a classic and it fits your blog title and the content so well. And it looks like you!! (Not trying to depress you if you can’t get that back). First I thought, “Tena must be in a midlife crisis. She went from hot slutty nurse to flowers.” I started to worry! BUT THEN!!! WordPress inactivated my blog telling me I was doing all sorts of bad shit. I went fucking ape-shit. The fixed it and told me it was a mistake on their end but THEN…I had the generic WP blog and my sidebar and all my widgets were gone. I don’t know if you have WP but is there a “recently active” button for themes or do you have to put in all the codes yourself? Anyway, no matter what you decide on themes, it is YOU I love and I don’t care if you actually take pictures of your shit and make that the banner (to match your tagline), I will keep stalking you!! How about this for a tagline…”Because my husband sees phallic shapes in clouds.” I do love your tagline though!! You crack me up!

  • Nellie

    You are crazy-funny and adorable all in one! I love your writing and can’t wait to see your final web design and little blurb.

    How about some of these:

    Where sitting isn’t necessary but coffee is…

    Where being a hot mess is the latest craze!

    Where crazy and sane mesh together as one

    No turning back, just looking forward, crazy pants and all!

  • Nellie

    Thought of another little tag for your blog:

    Where crazypants and pushing daisies become one!

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