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Friday Fragments



Friday Fragments… tying up loose ends from the week in a completely discombobulated way- the way my life has seemed lately!

***Attack of the ladybugs is happening at my house.  Again.  During the fall each year, I wonder why people dress up their precious baby girls for Halloween as a Japanese Asian Beetle? 


Does not equal this…





***On a semi-related note, Cocoa Krispies look strikingly similar to dead ladybugs.

***My kids take Iowa Basics test.   I have religiously followed the belief that I MUST feed them a good warm breakfast the week of testing- ALWAYS!  I am a sheep and I heard once that it was important.  They’ve never been good test takers so any little bit helps, right?  I don’t hold it against them because I never was either (then again, my mom’s idea of a warm breakfast was, well, my mom NEVER fed me breakfast, so there you go.)  ANYWAYS…  My 10 year old went up 35 points in her overall scores this year! I am so proud of her and my eggs and bacon!

***14 year old boys should NEVER be home from school! 

***My son works as a referee.  He was offered a game a couple of nights ago and he accepted it.  Then the next day, he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore.  After more whining than any mother should ever have to hear from a 14 year old boy, I gave in, I enabled him, I lied a big fat lie and I e-mailed the coordinator and told him he was sick.   He sat in his room the rest of the night as a punishment.  But I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret this moment when he’s 36 and living in my basement.  Do not tell me how much I suck.

***WordPress hates me!  And uses big words.  That look like a different language.  I want Blogger back and its remedial speak!

***I am planning my 20 year class reunion, my 4 year old’s Christmas party at preschool and my 8 year old’s Christmas party at school.   I wonder why I volunteer for such things- then I remember- it’s because I am a control freak.

***My sister’s neighbors (and the people we trick or treated with) have… dun dun dun…. The Swine Flu.  My sister is preggers and has not had the vaccination.  I am concerned for her and wish that facts were more clear cut for her whether she should get the shot or not, she’s still confused.  Her doctor said that if it were his wife, he would not have her get it, I guess because of the uncertainty and possible ramifications.   I, however, am not pregnant and am holding firm on washing hands compulsively and constantly knocking on wood hoping that I don’t regret my decision that is solely based on laziness and not wanting to bring my kids to the doctor.  This is in no way suggesting the comments section become a forum for anti-vaccinations… you’re barking up the wrong tree…  I am a vaccinator and I once poured poison on my kid’s heads to get rid of lice without thinking twice about it- and also, don’t tell me how much I suck.

***My daughter has been complaining about a heel injury since soccer season began.   The heel is an odd spot- it’s like a finger or a toe.  If it’s broken- what are they gonna do?  It heals on it’s own and breaking a heel is like nearly impossible (in my head where I pretend to understand anatomy and make diagnosis of my children)… so I put it off… for a long time.  Finally, I told her if it still hurt when she was on Fall Break, I would bring her to get it checked.  Fall Break came, it still hurt her, and there is a flu pandemic- awesome!  So I called the doctor and told them that none of my kids were sick NOR have they had any flu shots and I’d rather not bring her in with a bunch infested children, was that wrong?  Well, I got to bring her in with the cushy, cuddly, warm newborns at 7AM- so who’s crazy now?  And, her heel is not broken.  And still no flu (knocking on wood and washing hands.) 

***I do not have a thermometer.  I use my hand.  I know when a kid has a fever.  When the doctor asks me how high the fever is, I guess.  Do not tell me how much I suck. 

***I have joined Stumble Upon.  I have no idea what that means, but I’m told if you enjoy my craziness and would like to share it, click the wee button down yonder and I would greatly appreciate the love! 

Someone that doesn’t suck… Mrs. 4444… join her with your own Friday Fragments.

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4 comments to Friday Fragments

  • domestic extraordinaire

    glad to hear that your daughter’s heel isn’t broken. And as for the swine flu….ahhh! I am hoping that you don’t get it!

  • Sincerely, Jenni

    My husband and I, and both of our girls had H1N1 a few weeks ago. We made it through, but it sucked- for a WEEK.

    And Iowa Basic Skills tests? Yes, it is the only week I feel obligated to feed my kids well. Don’t tell me how much I suck, either!

  • mub

    I got a regular flu shot this year, but I’m still not 100% sold on the H1N1. The Dutch government decided that ONE H1N1 shot wasn’t enough so they’re giving everyone two doses. I’m really leaning towards passing on it.

  • Mrs4444

    You’re funny, Tena, and you don’t suck. Well, not as much as many parents, I’m sure, heeehee. I’m glad your daughter’s heel is okay. The only reason we have a thermometer is that my husband likes to take his temp 20 times a day when he’s sick (typical baby-man, I know.)

    Yea on the great breakfasts (protein is brain food!) for your kids. I took the Iowa Basics when I was a kid. Wish I had my scores-that would be interesting to see.

    There would be nothing wrong with your son confessing to whoever that he was not sick and explaining why he hated doing the job so much. Maybe people were being jerks to him about it (you know how parents can be.) It would be good for him to fess up (after the season is over, of course, haha.) It might help the next guy…

    Have a great week!

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